In this section you will find social media posts we like a lot.

So for you to know we can make beautiful things on a budget.

Here are some post we made for the well-known bitter Cynar (Camppari Group). The brief was to let people know three things:

- Cynar Original Recipe goes perfectly with grapefruit

- Cynar 70 has twice the strength that Cynar Original Recipe

- Cynar is fun

The campaign got (and is getting) a great deal of interactions between followers.

cynararg We wanted to use "lit" in a caption, but we weren't sure how to. #Cynar, refreshingly honest.

cynararg If your're not going out for a spin, you can stay in spinning. #Cynar

cynararg The ultimate proof that intelligent alien life exists. #Cynar

cynararg Drinking it is easy, holding your excitement is not. #Cynar70 #SameFlavorDoubleStrength

cynararg So delicious you'll have to come up with a new face expression. #Cynar

cynararg We had a perfect joke abour a that movie with a lord and a ring, but copyrights. #Cynar

cynararg Mix and flex. #Cynar #SameFlavorDoubleStrength

cynararg  #Cynar sounds good, #Cynar70 sounds as good but way louder.


We had only a few seconds to show teenagers what Axe products do, that's not an easy task...but that was just half of the challenge: we had to entertain them.

The solution: short videos for YouTube pre-rolls that also work like a perfectly looped GIF in instagram.


Everybody wishes you a happy new year. But what makes a new year happy? Twistos does not know what it should have, but it definetly knows what it shouldn't. So we made campaign to send everything we hate #ToTheTrash.

                              We all have a friend that returns the clothes we lend her a little bit different as it was.


                              Send this situation #ToTheTrash before next year starts.

                              We all know his last connection. Send this cyber-pirate #ToTheTrash. Any examples out there?

                              This new year's eve we wish you people with no cold feet. Send them #ToTheTrash

                              Who doesn't know a overprotective brother? Let's send him #ToTheTrash

                              What about those Happy New Year's mail chain? Should we send them #ToTheTrash ??

                              Hey you, I had it with you waking in me up with your late-night messages. Kiss kiss and  #ToTheTrash

                              Social media is a loudmouth. We know you have a loose like. Send this serial-liker



We had to pay tribute to the biggest hockey player in Argentina: Luciana Aymar. Her nickname is Lucha (Battle or fight in spanish) so we came up with INFINIT BATTLE (Lucha ∞), a concept for to honor the best player in the history of Argentinian national women hockey team: LAS LEONAS (THE LIONESSES)

                       Thanks for fighting every Battle. Todays she says farewell, but she'll be a Lioness forever. #LuchaInfinita

                     She's not saying goodbye without the cup in her hands. Let's help her get it one more time. #LuchaInfinita

                       The semi-finals are right ahead. Let's help her make that distance shorter #LuchaInfinita

                      Her infinite battle made The Lionesses an infinite team. #LuchaInfinita